LEGO® Build a Minifigure (3-Pack)

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AU $19.99



Love to collect LEGO® Minifigures? Choose 3 LEGO Minifigures from our range which have been assembled by our Brick Specialists.

  • Want to make a change? Click on the smaller image in the progress bar, scroll to your preferred minifigure and click 'add to pack' again. This will update your selection.
  • Once you have selected all three minifigures click on the orange "Add to bag' button to complete your order.

  • **Click & Collect not available on this 3-Pack - visit your closest store to build your own Minifigures from our extensive range.

    Minifigure Easter Bird with Bunny
    Minifigure Spring Carrot Girl
    Minifigure Birthday Llama Pinata
    Minifigure Loving Valentine Boy
    Minifigure Funny Birthday Clown
    Minifigure Birthday Singer Girl
    Minifigure Cheeky Pirate Girl
    Minifigure Colourful Spring Girl with wings
    Minifigure A Cool Guy
    Minifigure Creative Fashion Designer
    Minifigure Happy Snowboard Girl
    Minifigure LNY man with dragon deco & colours
    Minifigure Strong and Happy Winter Guy
    Minifigure Beautiful Winter Girl
    Minifigure True Gentleman
    Minifigure Happy French Baker
    Minifigure Coffee Drinking Merman
    Minifigure Rocket Flash
    Minifigure Tweety Fleur
    Minifigure Wizard Poisons Master
    Minifigure Farmer Guy
    Minifigure Slightshot Cheeky boy
    Minifigure Bunny Walker
    Minifigure Ballerina Skater
    Minifigure Ice-Cream Man
    Minifigure Talented Photographer
    Minifigure Happy Tree Man
    Minifigure Sandy Boat
    Minifigure Happy Busker
    Minifigure Gamer Girl
    Minifigure Fisherman
    Minifigure Nya
    Minifigure Police Girl
    Minifigure Lloyd
    Minifigure Genin
    Minifigure Lucky Lantern
    Minifigure Rocky Ro
    Minifigure Musical Jazz Cat
    Minifigure Sora
    Minifigure Egg Splat
    Minifigure Super Striker
    Minifigure Kai
    Minifigure Arin
    Minifigure Magic Rabbit
    Minifigure The First Mate