LEGO® ICONS™ Bouquet of RosesLEGO® ICONS™ Bouquet of Roses Top Rated
LEGO® ICONS™ Tiny PlantsLEGO® ICONS™ Tiny Plants Top Rated
LEGO® RosesLEGO® Roses Hard to Find

LEGO® Roses

AU $22.99
LEGO® SunflowersLEGO® Sunflowers Hard to Find

LEGO® Sunflowers

AU $22.99
LEGO® Disney™ Moana's FlowerpotLEGO® Disney™ Moana's Flowerpot New
LEGO® OrchidLEGO® Orchid Top Rated

LEGO® Orchid

AU $99.99
LEGO® ICONS™ Wildflower BouquetLEGO® ICONS™ Wildflower Bouquet Top Rated
LEGO® SucculentsLEGO® Succulents Top Rated

LEGO® Succulents

AU $99.99
LEGO® Creator Expert Bonsai TreeLEGO® Creator Expert Bonsai Tree Hard to Find
LEGO® Creator Expert Flower BouquetLEGO® Creator Expert Flower Bouquet Hard to Find
LEGO® ICONS™ Tranquil GardenLEGO® ICONS™ Tranquil Garden Top Rated
LEGO® Disney™ Isabela's FlowerpotLEGO® Disney™ Isabela's Flowerpot
LEGO® ICONS™ DaffodilsLEGO® ICONS™ Daffodils Hard to Find
LEGO® TulipsLEGO® Tulips Hard to Find

LEGO® Tulips

AU $14.99
LEGO® Cherry BlossomsLEGO® Cherry Blossoms Top Rated
LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Flowers in Watering CanLEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Flowers in Watering Can Top Rated
LEGO® DaffodilsLEGO® Daffodils Hard to Find

LEGO® Daffodils

AU $22.99
LEGO® Lotus FlowersLEGO® Lotus Flowers Hard to Find
LEGO® Friends™ Flower GardenLEGO® Friends™ Flower Garden Hard to Find
LEGO® ICONS™ Dried Flower CenterpieceLEGO® ICONS™ Dried Flower Centerpiece Retiring Soon